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The PicSpy administration reviews the images uploaded to this site regularly and actively deletes content that has been uploaded neglecting our TOS.
Unfortunately, due to the large amount of images uploaded it is not always possibe to completely avoid abusive use of the service.

If you find an inappropriate image on our site or if you have other questions concerning our service please contact us via e-mail!

Please give us your full name, contact information, a valid phone number and be sure to include the image url(s) (e.g.

Also state why you think the image is not supposed to be on our site (copyright complaint (DMCA), underage, bestiality etc.)

Please send your report to:
admin (at) picspy (dot) info

We will review your report as soon as possible and will delete the image(s) from our servers or get back to you in case of further questions.

Thank you,
The PicSpy administration